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How to Maintain Your Timber Sliding Glass Doors Melbourne

Sliding doors Melbourne look great on almost any property.

These doors are a great alternative to hinged doors. Not only can they make large entryways look instantly appealing, they also optimize space usage.

Yet when they are not maintained properly sliding doors can be a pain to operate. Pointless to say, if your sliding door feels like you are pushing a fridge when you try slide it open, it instantly becomes inappreciable, however cool it looks.

In this article we will discuss ways you can maintain your wood sliding glass door so it can serve you as long as possible.

How to Maintain Your Sliding Door’s Wooden Frame

When all frame materials are compared, it’s fair to say wood will, most of the times, emerge as the clear favorite for most people.

Wood is easy on the eye and will blend seamlessly with most house decor colors and the natural environment.

But for all its aesthetic qualities, wood is probably not the most durable. If you are especially concerned about the strength of your sliding door a good choice maybe aluminium sliding glass doors Melbourne.

Aluminium is an incredibly resilient material. But you can still opt for hardwood sliding door frames. They can last just as long, if you maintain them correctly.

How do you maintain them?

1. Vanish timber frames regularly to prevent moisture damage

Wood has microscopic cells, usually marked by its noticeable grain, which allow it to expand and contract when exposed to moisture, and vice versa.

As it absorbs and loses moisture, even engineered timber also loses its strength and may even discolor to unappealing shades.

Give your timber sliding door frames a generous varnish/sealer coat every now and then. The varnish’s gloss finish will stop the wood from absorbing water and help maintain its strength.

2. Inspect your timber frame for rot before it spreads

Another common problem caused by moisture absorption on wooden frames is wood rot. Besides being generally unsightly, wood rot will damage your doors.

Affected areas will spot a blackish color, and if left unattended, the wood rot will spread and damage the whole door.

Immediately administer treatment as soon as you notice signs of wood rot. It is possible the timber may not have been treated sufficiently by the door’s manufacturer or the treatment has simply degraded or worn off.

Sand off the affected area and apply a suitable treatment. If the wood had already disintegrated you may need to replace the whole panel or fill affected areas with epoxy putty.

3. Clean the tracks regularly so the door can slide easily

A stiff sliding door is no fun at all. Clean sliding tracks regularly to ensure your sliding doors Melbourne slide easily.

A good way to clean the tracks is to simply vacuum off the dirt. For the glass itself, wipe with a cloth dampened with a suitable detergent.

If the sliding track is clean and yet the door won’t slide freely it may point to a problem with the rollers. Have a contractor knowledgeable about track & roller replacements Melbourne come fix the door for you.

Need help with your timber sliding door?

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