How to Replace Non-Functional Sliding Door Rollers

How to Replace Non-Functional Sliding Door Rollers

A glass sliding door is meant to glide smoothly along the tracks, rather them jumping or giving jerks or getting stuck every time you open or close it. These doors are generally installed on the main entrances of the house. Over the period, their rollers can wear out leading to non-functioning doors. This can be due to debris and dirt accumulation in the tracks. The only remedy is track and wheel replacement. Keep reading on to know its detailed process:

  • First of all, you need to open the two screws installed at the ends of the sliding door. This will help you in raising the rollers and lowering the sliding door.
  • Now, try to lift the door, tilt it slightly forward, and pull it away from the sliding track. Make sure you take some help as these doors are heavy.
  • Place the sliding doors on a sturdy surface and remove all the screws installed at each end of the door.
  • Make sure you place a wooden block ate the bottom side of the frame and tap it lightly to release the frame.
  • Take out the rollers from the bottom of the door and get the new ones from a hardware store.
  • Change the rollers and frame that was earlier removed from the sliding door.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to wipe off any dirt and debris from the panels. You can also rub the bottom with paraffin wax to lubricate it.
  • Once you are done with the above-given steps, it’s time to place the sliding door back in the track. Hold the door at an angle and slowly roll it into the track. Adjust all the screws like before and your sliding door is ready to use.

These were some simple steps that can help you in replacing your Patio and wheel replacements in Melbourne.


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Thank you Charlie for a great job.
Repairing my wood slider and installing two new sliding security doors. I so happy with your work and all your knowledge.
Also thanks to David for repairing my front sercurity door, great guy.

- Sue A.

We had a recurring problem with our house back door, which is a big glass sliding door. We thought it might have to be replaced. Fortunately we were given the SLIDEASY phone number. The repairman, Charlie, came and fixed the door, while explaining clearly what he was doing at the same time. I would strongly recommend the service to anyone who experiences difficulties with similar doors.

- Tony

Just a few words to say how satisfied I was with the quality of the service i received when Charlie repaired my door. Workmanship first class and also Charlie was very friendly. Would be happy to use your company again and to recommend you to my friends.

- Gordon Kirkwood.

I’m pleased to say your service was wonderful. Time wise and work.

- Rosaline.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did with my mother-in-law’s sliding glass door. You were the perfect gentleman tradesman. Very unassuming and got on a did the job well with no fuss. Your expertise was evident as cleaned and adjusted the door prior to completion.

- Rod.

I was very impressed with the work done by Charlie from Slideeasy Glass Door Repairs. Charlie was very thorough when repairing our sliding door, he explained everything he was doing & why he was doing it. Now instead of having to lift & drag the door, we can slide it our little finger – heaven! Amazing years & years of experience in an industry – it shows 🙂 Thanks Charlie & Slideasy!

- Tracey S.

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