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Doors are something that we all need in our lives. We can be talking quite literally here and entirely metaphorically as well. The statement will stand true no matter what. Now that we know the importance of doors, it is also important that we appreciate them.

However, merely appreciating the doors verbally isn’t enough. We must put in enough effort to take care of our doors physically. If you are looking for tips, here is a door maintenance guide for you.

Take care of the hardware

Your door is made of different units. You have to take care of them altogether. The parts like knobs, handles, hinges, and faceplates need regular care. If you find any of these parts being loose, tighten them at the earliest. You can use a screwdriver for the same.

Don’t be careless and try to use your fingers for everything. Door parts can have sharp edges, and you don’t want to get hurt. Also, make sure you are replacing anything that doesn’t sit too well or is broken. You must already know the importance of lubricants.

Use them wisely as your door needs it from time to time. If you face any issues with your timber sliding glass doors in Melbourne, you can go online and look for the nearest repair shop.

Check the weather stripping

Your sliding door might change from season to season. It has everything to do with the door’s material and how it reacts to the elements of different seasons. For example, aspects like heat, water, etc., can impact your door, and you must check for this change with every passing season.

To carry out the test, all you need to do is close the door and touch the door’s sides and bottom. You are required to run your hand through the surface. You will need to change the stripping of the door if you feel a draft.

Look after the paint

The paint on your door is what makes it more presentable and clean. So, you can’t afford to compromise on that aspect. Look after the paint. If you notice any chipping on the sliding door, you need to make sure that it is the paint.

Once you are sure, get rid of the flake and precisely paint the area. If you notice multiple scratches, take sandpaper and get rid of the paint. This way, you will have a clean and fresh base to paint on.

Clean it from time to time

A lot of people make the mistake of neglecting their doors. They forget that doors are a part of their home and that they need regular cleaning. It is true that this cleaning doesn’t require much effort and time, but one needs to do it anyway. The cleaning is simple. You just need some soap and water.

Use a sponge or rinse directly. If you feel extra fancy, you can also go with a little wax coating on your door if your door demands it. If you have a glass door, try cleaning it with a blend of vinegar and water. Your door will be squeaky clean.

Give it a fresh finish

If you are bored of looking at the same old door, don’t think of replacing it completely. It is going to cost you a lot of time and money. You can count a lot of tiredness too. Instead, try giving your door fresh paint. You can have any color you want. Also, give it a little pattern or design if you like. This will give it a revamp. A wax coating will go a long way, as we mentioned earlier.


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Thank you Charlie for a great job.
Repairing my wood slider and installing two new sliding security doors. I so happy with your work and all your knowledge.
Also thanks to David for repairing my front sercurity door, great guy.

- Sue A.

We had a recurring problem with our house back door, which is a big glass sliding door. We thought it might have to be replaced. Fortunately we were given the SLIDEASY phone number. The repairman, Charlie, came and fixed the door, while explaining clearly what he was doing at the same time. I would strongly recommend the service to anyone who experiences difficulties with similar doors.

- Tony

Just a few words to say how satisfied I was with the quality of the service i received when Charlie repaired my door. Workmanship first class and also Charlie was very friendly. Would be happy to use your company again and to recommend you to my friends.

- Gordon Kirkwood.

I’m pleased to say your service was wonderful. Time wise and work.

- Rosaline.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did with my mother-in-law’s sliding glass door. You were the perfect gentleman tradesman. Very unassuming and got on a did the job well with no fuss. Your expertise was evident as cleaned and adjusted the door prior to completion.

- Rod.

I was very impressed with the work done by Charlie from Slideeasy Glass Door Repairs. Charlie was very thorough when repairing our sliding door, he explained everything he was doing & why he was doing it. Now instead of having to lift & drag the door, we can slide it our little finger – heaven! Amazing years & years of experience in an industry – it shows 🙂 Thanks Charlie & Slideasy!

- Tracey S.

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