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Sliding Doors in Melbourne - Uses And Benefits

As house plans have evolved and become more sophisticated, architects and designers have felt a growing need for doors that do more than just sealing entryways during inconvenient times and allowing passage when needed. More and more are trusting sliding doors for that.

Most of the reasons why sliding doors are so popular are, admittedly, practical. But as tastes have also evolved and interior decorators got more creative, sliding doors began to serve more aesthetic functions as well.

But that is not to say sliding doors have no practical, everyday uses. These doors can be found in many homes where they are used on inbuilt wardrobes, shower enclosures, and house entrances. But there is no denying that, when used creatively, sliding doors can add drama, intrigue, and sheer beauty that can transform any room.

How To Use Sliding Doors

There are now available many types of sliding doors in Melbourne. These doors are made in different materials including wood, aluminium, steel, and glass. They have been creatively used to, among other things;

  • Conceal entrances
  • Hide secret rooms,
  • Hold book shelves,
  • Divide rooms,

For their durability, many homeowners will opt to install aluminium sliding doors for their properties’ main entrances. There are many suppliers of aluminium sliding glass doors in Melbourne. When used with shatterproof glass, aluminium doors can hold their own, even in the face of harsh weather or burglaries.

But for its elegance, adaptability, and rustic appeal wood is an enduring favorite for many. From salvage barn style, carved masterpieces, to sleek panels, wooden sliding doors are supremely versatile and charming. The bigger suppliers of timber sliding glass doors in Melbourne have them in so many different woods and designs you should find one that satisfies your taste.

The great attraction with sliding doors is there sheer adaptability. You can use them in virtually every room in the home including in the, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. With a bit of creativity, you can use them to great effect in the kitchen as well.

As they don’t swing and are made to slide along the wall on which they hang, sliding doors do not eat up much space. In fact, they can be designed to disappear into the wall or to slide behind a chest, display unit, or sofa. That is space you would not be able to use where you to opt for a standard hinged door.

Track & Roller Repairs in Melbourne

Sliding doors are made to slide under a rail fitted above the doorway, or on a rail fixed to the floor. Due to the constant sliding the door has to take the rollers and tracks are bound to take strain and will start to wear at some point. It is a good idea to have the door inspected regularly.

The door will need to slide smoothly, without ever running off the rails. Otherwise the door will not be safe for you and your family. As soon as you notice signs the door may not be sliding or hanging securely, get a Sliding Doors Repairs Melbourne technician to come have a look at it.

Do you have any issues with your sliding door? Could it be stuck, need a track or roller replacement?

Slideasy Doors is a top sliding doors’ repair company in Melbourne. Since 1975, our tradesmen have been repairing sliding doors, replacing tracks and wheels on any aluminium, wood, or glass sliding door. Contact us for a free quote today.