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Sliding patio doors are a great addition for any residential property because these fixtures can help your home interiors to have a quick and clear view of the outdoors. As a matter of fact, sliding patio doors are extremely convenient and easy to use. However, a lot of homeowners experience sticking sliding doors due to improper care and maintenance.

Although a sticking sliding door may appear like a minor inconvenience in the beginning, it could soon turn out to be a real big problem. Moreover, a sticking sliding door can also damage other parts of your sliding patio door, thereby causing you to end up with costly sliding door repairs, or even complete door replacement.

Fortunately, you can consult the expert technicians of Slideasy Glass Door Repairs at (03) 9366 9749 and engage their professional and effective services like Sliding doors repairs Rockbank to ensure optimal functioning of your sliding patio doors.

Find the Prime Cause of your Sticking Sliding Door

If you’re facing the problem of a sticking sliding door, then there are a few important things that you must immediately check to find out why your sliding door is sticking? As a matter of fact, the main cause of sticking sliding doors is usually a quick and easy fix that many homeowners tend to ignore. So, here’s what you need to check on your sliding patio door in order to find the root cause of its sticking problem.

Check Your Sliding Door’s Alignment

A sliding patio door primarily operates on its sliding track to open and close. However, if you feel that your door is moving in a different direction, other than its normal straight movement from left to right, then your sliding door’s misalignment can be the cause of its sticking problem.

You can either choose to lift up the door and put it back on the center of the sliding track in order to restore its smooth operation. Also, make sure to never slam your sliding patio door or else, it will get misaligned from its sliding track.

Blocked or Dirty Sliding Tracks

It is very likely for your sliding door’s tracks to get dirty with regular usage over time or become blocked or clogged with debris. Well, if the sliding tracks are not fully clean, then it may eventually cause your sliding doors to stick while functioning. Fortunately, it’s a very quick and easy fix as you just need to clean off the sliding tracks of any dust, dirt, or debris. Regular cleaning and maintenance of sliding tracks can also ensure the smooth opening and closing of your sliding patio doors.

Check Out the Door Rollers

Sliding doors use a set of rollers to move along the sliding track. However, with time, these door rollers can become dirty, damaged, or broken, thereby causing your sliding doors to stick. It is important for you to know that at most times, the problem of a sticking sliding door stems from dried up or dirty rollers.

Therefore, it is imperative that you clean your door rollers, clean them of any dirt or debris, and inspect them at regular intervals in order to ensure their best functioning. Spraying your sliding door rollers with a good-quality lubricant is also a good idea to fix this issue.


Since sliding patio doors are designed for quick and easy use, it is of great importance that you regularly clean them and keep up with their routine maintenance in order to ensure its enhanced operation. However, if at any time, you feel like your sliding door is sticking or not sliding properly, then you can check out for the above-listed parts to find out and resolve the main problem.

If the sticking problem still persists, then you can simply consult the professional and qualified sliding door technicians of Slideasy Glass Door Repairs for better assistance.


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Thank you Charlie for a great job.
Repairing my wood slider and installing two new sliding security doors. I so happy with your work and all your knowledge.
Also thanks to David for repairing my front sercurity door, great guy.

- Sue A.

We had a recurring problem with our house back door, which is a big glass sliding door. We thought it might have to be replaced. Fortunately we were given the SLIDEASY phone number. The repairman, Charlie, came and fixed the door, while explaining clearly what he was doing at the same time. I would strongly recommend the service to anyone who experiences difficulties with similar doors.

- Tony

Just a few words to say how satisfied I was with the quality of the service i received when Charlie repaired my door. Workmanship first class and also Charlie was very friendly. Would be happy to use your company again and to recommend you to my friends.

- Gordon Kirkwood.

I’m pleased to say your service was wonderful. Time wise and work.

- Rosaline.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did with my mother-in-law’s sliding glass door. You were the perfect gentleman tradesman. Very unassuming and got on a did the job well with no fuss. Your expertise was evident as cleaned and adjusted the door prior to completion.

- Rod.

I was very impressed with the work done by Charlie from Slideeasy Glass Door Repairs. Charlie was very thorough when repairing our sliding door, he explained everything he was doing & why he was doing it. Now instead of having to lift & drag the door, we can slide it our little finger – heaven! Amazing years & years of experience in an industry – it shows 🙂 Thanks Charlie & Slideasy!

- Tracey S.

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